.♦ Clove ♦.

♢17♢alloaro non-binary femme lesbian♢
♢ ☼♋☾♏↑♍ ♢

nebularian flag
neptunic flag
greygender flag

hello im clove u can also call me vriska i watched naruto for 9 hours str8 once and 8oy Howdy you are NOT gonna enjoy ur time here if u dont like homestuck
i apologize for my quirktyping in advance 8ut if u dont understand smth/want me to type out of quirk when we talk please ask!!

my pronouns are fae/fur/fir/firself OR fae/faer/faers/faerself!! please do not use anything else for me!!!!
ex. "oh yeah clove? i know fur!! fae's really gay and talks a8out fir fantrolls a lot"
telling me how stupid you think my pronouns are wont make me stop using them and it wont make them stop 8eing the only pronouns im comforta8le with thanks


hi i am autistic and as such my 8rain will only let me care a8out Homestuck (2009) and that is primarily what you will find looking at anything i do ever at all. i draw aforementioned homestuck sometimes 8ut i do not do comms/requests/etc
im white, please f33l fr33 to tell me if i do/say smth shitty or re8log/interact with someone whos shitty!!

if you want a good grasp of my purrsonality just... go to the hiveswap extended zodiac site. look fur canlo. read the definition of lime and heart. thats me. in addition to this i am willing to send you my n8al chart so you can roast me
i have a twitter 8ut you have to enter the void like at least 6 times to actually find it

i have no clue what else to put here 8ut if you are reading this i love you
the extended lore 8utton is just a full list of the identities/la8els i use i just didnt wanna call it anything aside from extended lore 8c calling it extended lore was so funny

i made this page mainly to flex how fucking cool my flags are and 8c i realized i didnt have my full list of la8els literally anywhere 8ut if youre curious a8out what i identify with then cool this is the page for you
and kinda an important note, the definitions i use here are how i use and identify with these, so some terms may have more than one definition that i dont mention 8c it doesnt descri8e me or my f33lings/experiences accur8ly

i'm a femme les8ian! shouldnt have to explain this one

greyromantic, i experience romantic attraction infrequently/weakly

akoiromantic, my romantic attraction to someone fades once i d8 them

alloaro, which stands for 'allosexual aromantic' (or arospec in my case)

neptunic, attracted to everyone 8ut men/masc-aligned ppl.

polyagender, identifying as a num8er of genders on the agender spectrum!
these include neutrois, agender, gendernull, gendervoid, etc

tychefluid, fluid 8etw33n water/void xenogenders.
these include hydrogender, gendersea, gendervoid, etc

maverique, a gender that f33ls just as strongly gendered as male/female, 8ut entirely seper8 from them. it is not neutrois/agender/etc

greygender, (sense of) gender is weak, vague, nonspecific, unclear, almost 8lurry

multigender, exactly what it sounds like

not pictured;
kinegender, a gender that is constantly shifting and changing and moving, 8ut always stays in the same Area(s) of gender.
genderless; exactly what it sounds like. theres the range of genders i experience and then theres just a chunk cut out of it and That's where i'm genderless
these r not pictured 8c i cannot find any (good) flags for them lol

im wlw+nln+nlw+wln, i also sometimes use the words sapphic and en8ian to descri8e my attraction though i usually sum myself up with qu33r, and you can call me either a xirl or en8y!
PLEASE do NOT call me any masculine terms, i use feminine+neutral terms, when in dou8t if something is too feminine use something neutral. i sometimes call myself more clearly gendered words (ex. aunt), 8ut thats 8c i understand where i'm coming from when i say that, i can't know where you're coming from, so please dont call me things like that directly!
i couldnt care less a8t 'gendery' compliments (ex. pretty, lovely, 8eautiful) just dont call me handsome and the like
if you wanna know how i experience one of these things or wanna know more a8out it or whatever, f33l a8solutely fr33 to ask me a8out it!!!!!! just please try to 8e respectful >_>

Meulin Leijon

(Vriska) Serket

Grim8ark Jade Harley

(art is 8y faymotif, greengull, and snejkha respectively!!)
message/ask me if u wanna know a8out specific canon divergent shit, 8ut 8asically only my meulin tl had any significant canon divergence
also i kith polypa goez33 and sucre/sugar from OFF

i dont Expect you to actually not follow if you are any of these things, 8ut i still gr8ly dislike all of them and i Can and Will post/re8log a8out how much i h8 them all, so if you think following me anyway wont matter and ill toler8 it, sorry pal!!!!
terf/transmed/truscum/"gender critical"/literally anything of the sort to any degr33pedo/map/nomap/anything of the sort at allsupport incest/pedo ships (like stridercest etc) At Allare anti-8LM/pro-cop, "all lives matter", etcracist/anti-semitic/misogynistic/homopho8ic/transpho8ic etc you get the dealin addition to transpho8ic, exorsexist/8inarist/N8pho8e etc (like 8elieving there are a limited num8er of genders, non8inary genders arent real, non8inary people ""make the trans community look 8ad"", etc etc etc)8elieve in/support/are a "8i les8ian"(s)anti-mogai, anti-neopronounsace/aro exclusionist/apho8eYES people who are "neutral on the discourse" are included, same if you say anything like "please dont 8ring discourse here" when a-spec identities/people are 8rought upthink qu33r is JUST a slur and demonize it As An Identity / are qu33rpho8icwhite cishets.if you like/support/toler8 south park, hetalia, attack on titan, pewdiepie, haz8in hotel, etc
im willing to Talk a8out any of these 8ut if you JUST wanna start discourse and argue reopen tum8lr and make your own post
also this isnt like, a 8ig personal offense dw, 8ut if you're under 15 please don't try to 8e friends with me, u can ask why


i make posts in other places sometimes
if u want my discord dm me, i give it to ppl i trust